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Location: North East of India
Capital: Patna
Tourist Attractions: Buddhist Pilgrimage
Best Time To Visit: September To April

Archaeology in Bihar - Nalanda Ruins

The archeological site of Kumrahar is located 10-kms away from the capital city of Patna. It consists the excavations of the ancient city 'Patliputra' and the relics of four ruling periods, starting from 600 BC to 600 A.D. An 80 pillared hall belonging to the Mauryan dynasty, dating back 300-400 B.C. has been found over here. Another site situated 10-kms from Rajgir that merits a visit, is the Nalanda University, which emerged as a great learning institute during the 4th-5th century A.D. One can also see the remaining parts of the 11 monasteries over here.


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