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Location: North East of India
Capital: Patna
Tourist Attractions: Buddhist Pilgrimage
Best Time To Visit: September To April

Bihar is a land affluent in natural beauty, whispering forests, sparkling lakes, peaceful hill resorts, majestic forts palaces, gurudwaras, holy rivers, cascading waterfalls, natural hot springs. It is also an epicenter for different religion that has been grooved with ancient pilgrimage sites and is visited, revisited by travelers from China and the West. A Land promising you unprecedented returns on your investments.

Bihar is also is an abode to Sikh religion, embodying many renowned pilgrimage centers.
The Sikh religion is noteworthy for its simple rituals, followings and for its emphasis on pristine living and practicality. Not for the Sikhs, the exorbitant graveness of those who abandon life, rather a celebration of life in conformity with the Guru's teachings of duty and social integration.

Worship for Sikhs is a way of life, expressive foremost in the affiliation to their Gurus teachings and to the five Ks. As a natural inference, the pilgrimage sites for the Sikhs are places aare linked with their various Gurus, Harmandir-Takth is one of the main pilgrimages site of Sikh community in the state of Bihar.


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