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Location : Bihar.
Originally Designed For : Anglo-Indians.
Area : 35 sq. kms.
Best Time To Visit : September To May.

Located 40km northwest of Ranchi, on National Highway 47, McCluskieganj was originally designed as a haven for Anglo-Indians. It is a lesser-known site now, as the people for whom it was made initially, have left long time back. Some of its garden cottages lie in a state of indifferent dilapidation while others house the retired urbanites and army officers.

The quiet and pleasant walks along the wooded paths are alluring enough to attract the visitors to visit this place. Quite a few make their way here to savor its vaguely Victorian ambience and the thorough flower gardens and orchards separated by large tracts of tall sal trees. The place evokes nostalgia when one thinks of the days when Anglo-Indians inhabited the place.

During the 1950s, there were no less than 100 Anglo-Indian families with their typical cottages, clubs and shops.

Altitude: 2,140 ft.
Rainfall: 1530 mm annually.

Temperature (degrees c): Max. Min.
Winter 22.9 10.3
Summer 37.2 20.6
CLOTHING Winter Summer
Light Woollen. Light Cotton.

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