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Location : On Ranchi - Tata Highway.
Also Known As : Dassam Gagh.
Nearby Attraction : Johna Falls.

Creating magic out of falling water Sita and Dassam Falls is about 40kms from Ranchi on the Ranchi-Tata highway. The waterfall is situated near a village named Taimara, in the vicinity of which flows the Kanchi River.
Sita & Dassam Falls
Cascading gracefully from a height of about 144 feet, Kanchi River generates a remarkable sight of the awesome fall. Also known as Dassam Gagh, surrounded by pleasant and eyes catching scenery, it is a popular picnic spot.

Keeping in view the tremendous pressure of the water, the tourists are advised not to take bath in the falls and if they must, then be careful while bathing in the stream.

The best time to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Sita falls is in the early morning adding the mystic glory to the breathtaking view. Sita falls is adjacent to the beautiful Johna falls.

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