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Location: North India
Significance: Capital Of Two States
Main Attractions: Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake
Best Season: October-March

Phulkari DupattaIn the heart of the city, is located Sector 17. This is the main shopping centre of the city though there are now many government and private offices also. This commercial centre is fully pedestrianised. Here, the residents shop, lounge around or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings to enjoy the various fashion houses located here. Big showrooms and excellent departmental stores cater to the needs of shoppers. In evenings, one can see the crowd walking around here and there. The ultimate lightening effects are visible during the evenings.

The city is a shopper's paradise, the city centre being a major turning point. Besides the city centre, there are many shopping areas spread over the entire city. The most prominent being the city sub centre located in sector 34, the shopping areas of sector 15 and 22 are also major crowd pullers.


In Chandigarh summers are hot and light, hence airy cottons are most suitable for this season. The traditional Indian sandal is just right when one is in the city. Ladies wear Salwar Kameez, topped with colourful dupattasThe T-shirt and blue jeans are major choice of young people in Chandigarh. In monsoon season in the city, one can experience both cool temperatures and sweltering steamy temperatures. Summer clothes hold good for this season except the leather shoes. It is recommended to use all-weather footwear. In winters, people wear sweaters, jackets, shawls, mufflers and nice warm socks. The men wear three-piece suits or jackets and the ladies are seen salwaar-kameez, topped by colourful 'dupattas'.

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