Fort of Moti

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Location: Daman
Area: 30,000 sq. mt.
Built in: 16th Century A.D
Architechture: Mughal

Fort Moti - DamanThe Portuguese settlement on the Southern bank of river Daman Ganga with a formidable fortress is called Moti Daman. Prior to the construction of the Fort of Moti Daman, there existed a small Muslim citadel under the control of an Abyssinian chief. The construction of the Fort started soon after its conquest in 1559 AD and lasted till the end of 16th Century AD. The Fort covers an area of 30,000 sq. mt. with 10 bastions and two gateways. The Fort is protected by a moat on the land side and also connects the river to the sea. it is basically polygonal in plan with projections at regular intervals of about 500 ft. carrying splayed angular bastions. The parapet above the fortification wall is without merons but is provided with loop holes. The terraces close to the top of the wall are connected to the inner ground surface by open flights of steps at many places. All along the wall, there are barracks for defence personnel. The inscription above the Southern (land) gate mentions that this gate along with the bastions adjacent to it was completed in 1581 AD after the Mughal invasion during Akbar's reign. The inscription on the Northern (sea) gate gives the date of 1593AD for the completion of the Fort wall. On the Northern side within the con- fines of the Fort were located the palaces, the secretariat and other official buildings. A large number of Portuguese gentry and their families resided within the Fort.

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