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Location: East Of Parliament House, New Delhi
Built In: 1927-35
Also Known As: Viceroy's Church
Designed By: Henry Medd

Built in between 1927-35, the Church of the Redemption lies on the east of Parliament House. Designed by Russell's successor, Henry Medd, the robust structure with its high curved arches and subtle, yet, dominant domed tower, appealed so much to the then Viceroy, Lord Irwin, that it became known as "Viceroy's Church". The viceroy also presented the picture at the east end and a silver cross as a thanksgiving gesture for his escape from an attempt to blow up his train in 1929.

The exterior of the church is plain and boldly linear, while within, high rounded arches and shafts of strong light streaming through crescent windows impart an overwhelming sense of space. A group of angels looks down from the curved roof above the altar.

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