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Location: Sri Aurobindo Marg, Opposite INA Market, South Delhi
Area: 6 acres
Houses: 62 Stalls, An Open Theatre And A Children's Play Area
Famous For: Its Extensive Range Of Indian Handicrafts.

A Bazaar Par Excellence
Delhi Haat Food and Crafts Bazaar, opposite INA Market, is a one-stop shopping place for tourists, which not only offers various arts and handicrafts of India, but also a taste of the ethnic cuisine. Visitors can also witness the different performing arts of the country.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Food at Dilli Haat The Haat
The word 'haat' refers to a weekly market in rural, semi urban and sometimes urban India. Dilli-Haat provides an atmosphere of traditional rural or village market, but suitable according to the needs of the contemporary world.

Dilli Haat is known as the first ever-permanent crafts market showcasing India, housing within its premises a blend of craft, food and cultural activities. The craftsmen here are mobile & ever changing, which is another depiction of the richness and diversity of Indian handicrafts and art crafts.

The Architecture
Spread over a spacious 6-acre area, the plaza is paved with stone & brickwork, skillfully interspersed with grass, flowering shrubs, Eucalyptus & other tall trees. A minimal built up area ensures a relaxed & serene ambience.

The 62 stalls selling handicrafts are allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen who come here from all across India by paying a mere INR 100 per day for a maximum period of 15 Days. This ensures visitors buy authentic wares at prices within their budget.

Cuisine Delights
Visitors can also savour the unique flavors of the delightful local foods from the various regions of India be it the momos from Sikkim or the Bamboos hot chicken from Nagaland, Kahwa & Kebabs from Jammu, Pooranpoli from Maharashtra or the Gujrati Dhokla. As many as 25 food stalls are present at the Haat that offer variety of foods, served in an eco -friendly manner.

The Cultural Complex
Dilli Haat, DelhiDilli Haat also comprises of an open-air theatre for cultural programmes and a children's play area. In the theatre from time to time performance of folk music and dance is on offer to attract the tourists. The theatre captures tantalising glimpses of the diversified Indian culture in all its rich and varied colours, ranging from the unique and spectacular dance of Kathakali to the pulsating alive and vigorous Bhangra from Punjab.

Timeless Displays
Diili Haat is paradise for handicrafts and lovers. The treasurable collection over here comprise of intricate rosewood & sandalwood carvings, embellished camel hide footwear, Kandtha sarees from West Bengal, Bidri work from Karnataka and Andhra, bamboo and cane work from Assam, Aari embroidery from Kashmir, wooden icons from Tamil Nadu, panels from Bastar and a host of other items.

Dilli Haat is thus an important landmark of Delhi, where one can enjoy the myraid cultural, musical and art forms of India, all available at one place.

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