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Location: PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi
TravelPVR Priya, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Famous As: Cineplexes
Must Visit: Modern Bazaar

Walk into a Cineplex for the ultimate movie experience. Trendy cinema halls like PVR Anupam and PVR Priya continue to draw youngsters and their films run to packed houses, even in the late night shows because these multiplexes are state-of-the-art cinema halls.

Behind the success of PVR Anupam and Priya is the offer of that extra zest to an evening out at the movies. These cinema halls are well equipped with ultra modern facilities such as snack bars, cafes, Dolby sound system and digital screen.

PVR Anupam, Delhi Hanging Out
As they are two of the largest cinema halls in Delhi, buying tickets over here is never a problem. Beside, screening some of the best blockbuster movies from all over the world these multiplexes are the perfect hangout zones in Delhi for the young and restless.

The Modern Bazaar is situated in Basant Lok Complex, which is part of Vasant Vihar. Mainly considered as the entertainment hub of Delhi, its key attraction for the youngsters is Priya Cinema. After watching a movie, one can have a choice of eating at McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Nirula's or TGIF.

The other ways of spending time at these multiplexes include pool halls, sports shops, and cyber cafes. Parking at Modern Bazaar can be done beside Hotel Vasant Continental, and then one can walk down towards Modern Bazaar. PVR Anupam is having its own parking lot area, where parking a car costs Rs. 10.

Book A Ticket
One can reserve upto 10 tickets over the phone in any of the two halls. Reserving tickets will guarantee that one will get tickets for the movie that one wants to see. If one is tele-booking the tickets, then one has to collect the tickets from the box-office about 30 minutes in advance. The approximate price of a rear stall ticket at PVR Anupam is Rs.130 and at Priya a normal Star class ticket costs Rs. 140.

There is a cheaper way to watch a movie at these cinema halls if your budget is tight. By opting for the front stalls, which comprise of the first two rows of the halls and the tickets cost a mere Rs. 15 per person.

Time To Visit
Modern Bazaar is open everyday of the week, except for Tuesday. On Tuesdays, all of the shops are closed, except for Priya Cinema, McDonalds, and a few other fast food restaurants.

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