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Day Trips: Dhauj, Sohna And Damdama
Famous As: Picnic Spots
Distance From Delhi: Upto 200 Kms.

Damdama Lake
If boating and rock climbing is your thing, head for Damdama Lake near the Aravalli Hills, a three-hour drive from the city, the lake is just short of Sohna.

Waterbanks Island Resorts
Around 42-kms away from the city, these lake-facing cottages, with water sporting attractions such as rowing, boating, fishing and day picnics is a perfect place to enjoy a nice outing.

A three and a half-hour drive from Delhi bring you to Sohna, in the bordering state of Haryana. Its hot springs and grassy expanses make it a popular picnic spot. And during an early weekend in February, it is the destination of the Statesman Vintage Car Rally.

Around 40-kms away from the city, Dhauj is tucked into the Aravalli Hills. With red cliffs overlooking a reservoir, it is great place for rock-climbing and bird watching.

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