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Location: Near Badli Sarai, New Delhi
Originally Named As: Aizzabad- Bagh
Built By: 6 Hectares
Houses : Shish Mahal

A narrow road branching off west from the Delhi-Karnal road about 10-km from Delhi, just beyond Badli Sarai , leads to the village having the Shalimar garden, where Aurangzeb crowned himself on the 31st July 1658.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Shalimar Garden Originally, it consisted of an enclosure with a palace in the centre, called Shish-Mahal, now surviving in parts with patches of painting. There were also some other buildings, but they have all disappeared.

Originally, the garden was known as 'Aizzabad-Bagh. It was perhaps built by Shah Jahan and named after his mistress 'Aizzu'n-Nisa Begam. Aurangzeb used it as his country-house.

It has been mentioned by European travellers like Bernier and Cotrou that Sir David Ochterlony, British Resident at Delhi, used it as his summer retreat and contracted fever, from which he ultimately died.

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