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Location: Paharganj, New Delhi
Main Attraction: The Festivity Of Baisakhi

Travel Guide to Delhi - Gurdwara majnu Ka TilaThe gurudwara at Majnu ka Tila is no different from any other Gurdwara. It commemorates the visit of Guru Nanak to Delhi in the 15th century. For many years a small, humble structure marked the spot but in the 1980s it was developed and expanded into a typical Delhi Gurdwara made of white marble with a cusped dome. Keeping the Sikh community's religious devotion in mind, the dome is sure to be covered with gold leaf work in the near future.

Legend Of Majnu Ka Tila
During the reign of Sultan Sikander Shah Lodhi, a Muslim hermit lived over here. He used to carry people across the river, in his boat, free of charge. He yearned for glimpse of God. He was so much lost in his thoughts that the people started calling him "Majnu", the Persian lover whose name became symbolic of intense love in mysticism in the Sufi literature.

When Guru Nanak visited this place, he blessed the Muslim hermit, who attained enlightenment and became a devout disciple of the great Guru. His hermitage on the bank of the Yamuna on a hillock, came to be known as Majnu-ka-Tilla (the hilllock of Majnu). Many people were attracted by the divine personality of Majnu. Infact, radiant spirit and dedicated love for the Guru, made this shrine as an outstanding missionary centre for centuries to follow. Every year on Baisakhi Day, the birthday of the Khalsa is celebrated by the Sikhs of Delhi with great enthusiasm. A 'langar' (free kitchen) is arranged on the occasion when thousands of people join irrespective of caste, creed and status.

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