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Location: Near Delhi Golf Club, On Dr. Zakhir Husain Road, New Delhi
Important Monuments: Tombs Of Lal Kunwar & Begam Jan

Near the entrance to the Delhi Golf Club on the Dr. Zakhir Husain Road (old Wellesley Road) lie two tombs of red sandstone. They consist of a square room in the centre, smaller square rooms at the diagonals and oblong halls between them.

One of the tombs contains two graves believed to be that of Lal Kunwar, mother of Shah Alam II (1759-1806) and Begam Jan, his daughter.

Originally, there existed another tomb, later converted to its use by the Golf Club and all the three tombs were enclosed within the name of 'Lal Kunwar' or the use of red (lal) sandstone in the buildings has given it the name of Lal-Bangla (red bungalow).

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