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Location: 4-km From Sultan Ghari's Tomb, On Mehrauli-Palam Road
Important Monuments: Mahal

Travel Guide to Delhi - MahipalpurThe village of Mahipalur, by tradition is associated with an otherwise unknown Tomar king Mahipal, lies 4-km west of Sultan Ghari's tomb on the Mehrauli-Palam road. Immediately to the southwest of the village is a large bund of rubble-masonry, believed to have been constructed by Feroze Shah Tughluq as part of his irrigation-schemes.

Within the village lies a two-aisle deep stone-built hall, with three arched openings, with a room at either end. Its roof is enclosed within stone railings, characteristic of Feroze Shah's architecture. Now used as a school, and commonly known as the 'Mahal' (Palace), it was possibly built as a hunting lodge by Feroze Shah, to hunt the wild animals coming to the 'bund' for water.

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