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Location: New Delhi
Also Known As: R.K. Puram
Important Monuments: Tin-Burji, Malik-Munirka Mosque, Wazirpur-Ka-Gumbad, Munda-Gumbad, Bara-Lao-Ka-Gumbad & Bajre-Ka-Gumbad

Around the modern colony of Ramakrishnapuram are the villages of Munirka, Muhammadpur, Basant Nagar and Kusumpur. This area is dotted with numerous tombs, mosques, pavilions and other structures, some of which are large in size and not entirely devoid of architectural merit, although now somewhat dilapidated. Most of them appear to have been built during the Lodi period.

Among the important monuments in the area are the three-domed tomb called 'Tin-Burji', to the east of the village of Muhammadpur, 'Malik-Munirka' mosque in the village of Munirka, 'Wazirpur-ka-Gumbad', about 1-km to its north, andthe domeless 'Munda-Gumbad' within R.K. Puram, which is a massive structure with an octagonal chamber to the southwest of the colony.

A little less known 'Bara-Lao-ka-Gumbad' is situated to the east of Munda-Gumbad, about 500m northwest of it and another nameless tomb to its northwest bearing an inscription of Sikandar Lodi's reign on its western arch.

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