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Location: Near Khirki Masjid, New Delhi
Built By: Muhammad Shah Tughluq

Travel Guide to Delhi - SatpulaLying about 800m east of the Khirki-Masjid and forming part of the enclosure-wall of Jahanpanah, Satpula is a weir, built by Muhammad Shah Tughluq, to regulate the impounded waters for purposes of irrigation .

It is a unique structure, with eleven openings, two at each end being of a subsidiary nature, and the remaining ones giving it its present name, which means 'seven bridges, or 'bridge with seven openings'. The sides of the openings are provided with grooves for sliding the shutters.

At each end is a tower, with an octagonal chamber within, once utilized for a school, from which the monument derives its alternate name of 'madrasa'.

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