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Location: Mahrauli, New Delhi
Built By: Akbar
Architectural Style: Mughal Architecture

Adham Khan's tomb lies to the north of the Qutub-Mehrauli road immediately before one reaches the town lying on the walls of Lal-Kot and rising from a terrace enclosed by an octagonal wall provided with low towers at the corners.

Adham Khan Tomb, DelhiThe tomb consists of a domed octagonal chamber in the Lodi style, with a verandah on each side pierced by three openings, without however, the usual 'chhajja' (eaves) below the parapets. It is known popularly as 'Bhul-Bhulaiyan' (labyrinth), for a visitor often loses his way amidst the several passages in the thickness of its walls.

Adham Khan, son of Maham Anga, a wet nurse of Akbar, was a nobleman and general in Akbar's army. In 1562 he fell out with Ataga Khan, husband of Ji Ji Anga, another wet nurse, and killed him, whereupon he was thrown down from the ramparts of Agra Fort by the order of the emperor and died. His mother also soon passed away out of grief, and both were buried in this tomb built by Akbar.

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