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Location: South Of Tughluqabad, New Delhi
Also Known As: Muhammadabad
Built By: Muhammad Bin Tughluq

The subsidiary fort of 'Adilabad, south of Tughluqabad, was built by Ghiyathu'd-Din son and successor, Muhammad Bin Tughluq. Travel Guide to Delhi - Adilabad

Architecturally it is not much different from Tughluqabad. The walls of the embankment connecting it with Tughluqabad are carried over the hills as the outer walls of the city, and provided with two gates, one with barbicans between two bastions on the south-east and another on the south-west.

Inside it, separated by a bailey, is a citadel consisting of walls, bastions and gates within which lay the palaces. The fortress is also known as Muhammadabad and was perhaps built after Jahanpanah.

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