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Location: Green Park, New Delhi
Built in: 1501
Built By: Aby Sayeed
Historical Significance: Built During Sikandar Lodi's Reign.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Bagh i Alam ka Gumbad Lying between Hauz-Khas and Green Park on the north of the road leading to Hauz-Khas, Bagh-i-Alam-ka-Gumbad is a square structure built with grey ashlar stone and follows the pattern of square Lodi tombs, with semblance of three-storeys on the facades.

There are arched openings on the east, north and south, the last one forming the main entrance, and a 'minhrab' or prayer niche, on the interior on the western side. Its ceiling bears painted incised plaster.

According to an inscription on its western wall, it was built in 906 A.H. (1501), during Sikandar Lodi's reign, by one sultan 'Abu Sayeed over the grave of Miyan Shaikh Shihabu'd-Din Taj Khan, possibly a saint.

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