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Location: Mehrauli Bypass To Gurgaon
Memorial Of: Ghiyath-Ud-Din Balban
Architectural Style: Indo-Islamic Architecture

On the western side of the Mehrauli bypass to Gurgaon there are extensive ruins of old Mehrauli, now deserted. Among these, as the visitor proceeds from the Qutub-Minar, he first encounters a domeless and extremely dilapidated rubble-built square chamber with arched openings in all its four sides, believed to be Ghiyath-ud-Din Balban's tomb. Travel Guide to Delhi - Balbans Tomb

It occupies an important place in the development of Indo-Islamic architecture, as one finds here for the first time the use of a true arch.

A ruined rectangular chamber on its east is believed to have contained the grave of Balban's son, Muhammad, who was popularly known as 'Khan Shahid' i.e., the Khan who became a martyr, after he died fighting in a battle against the Mongols near Multan in 1285. There exists also another tomb not very far away to the south, which is also popularly known as that of Khan Shahid.

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