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Location: Mahrauli, New Delhi
Built By: Akbar
Architectural Style: Mughal Architecture

This monument lies about 500m southwest of the junction of Panchkuin and Original roads. Like the two preceding monuments, this is also a hunting-palace, built by Feroze Shah Tughluq. Lying on the northern bank of a reservoir enclosed by bunds, only parts of which are now traceable, it consists of a rectangular enclosure, entered through two gateways on its north-eastern corner, and remains of pavilions on the thick southern embankment. The southern and eastern walls of the enclosure are provided with bastions. It is now being used as a Youth Hostel.

According to Sayyid Ahmad Khan, author of Athar-us-Sanadid, the place was once occupied by a person called Bu'-'Ali Bhatti, which got corrupted into 'Bhuli' or 'Bholi Bhatiyari' ('forgetful of simple female innkeeper'), and gave it its present name. The tradition is however, not backed by evidence.

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