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Location: Near Begampuri Masjid, New Delhi
Residence Of: Shaikh Hasan Tahir
Historical Significance: Muhammad Shah Tuglaq used it as a tower to inspect his troops.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Bijai MandalNot far from the Begampuri-Masjid to its north lies Bijai-Mandal, an unusual rubble-built massive octagonal structure on a high platform, with sloping sides in the Tughluq fashion and a doorway at each cardinal point.

A temporary cover could be fitted on poles at the southwestern corner of its roof, while there also existed perhaps an open pavilion. Immediately to its east lie the remains of an arcaded residential building, which apparently formed part of a mansion.

The purpose of the building, is however not clear. It is regarded as a bastion of Jahanpanah by some, while it is believed to have been used later as his residence by Shaikh Hasan Tahir, a saint of Sikandar Lodi's reign (1489-1517). Muhammad Shah Tughluq (1325-51) is said to have used it as a tower for reviewing his troops.

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