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Location: Hauz Khas, On Delhi-Mehrauli Road
Other Tombs: Biran-Ka-Gumbad, Chhoti Gumti & Sakri Gumti

As one takes the road to Hauz-Khas, from its junction with the Delhi-Mehrauli road, one notices on the north two tombs on an elevated ground, one larger and the other smaller. The tombs, built of rubble and plastered, follow the square pattern of Lodi tombs, with openings on the east, north and south and with the facades broken into semblance of storeys.
Dadi Poti & other Tombs, Delhi
It is not known who lie buried in them. But the larger one is known as the tomb of 'Biwi' (mistress) or Dadi (grandmother), and the smaller one that of 'Bandi' (maidservant), or 'Poti' (granddaughter).

A medival Sanskrit inscription, much obliterated, was recovered here some years back and the site may represent the location of some Hindu establishment.

There are several other tombs of different sizes within the Green Park and its neighbourhood, with popular names like 'Biran-ka-Gumbad' (brother's dome), 'Chhoti Gumti' (small dome), 'Sakri Gumti' (narrow dome) etc., but there is no indication of the persons lying buried in them.

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