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Location: Kidwai Nagar, On Delhi-Mehrauli Road
Dedicated To: Darya Khan Lohani

Close to the market in Kidwai Nagar, approached either from the Delhi-Mehrauli road or from the Ring Road, lie the ruins of a massive tomb, believed to be that of Darya Khan Lohani, who served all the Lodi kings in several high posts. Travel Guide to Delhi - darya Khans Tomb

With the tomb proper in centre and domed chhatris on corners, all built on an extensive three-tiered platform, it is a unique construction. The lowest tier has traces of chhatris on corners and a gateway and colonnaded chambers in front on the east, which make it abundantly, clear that originally the entire complex must have presented an impressive and magnificent view.

Evidently the tomb occupies the site of an earlier building, some parts of which were exposed during recent excavations .

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