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Location: Outside Ajmeri Gate, Old Delhi
Historical Significance: Ghazi-Ud-Din Was An Important Courtier During The Reign Of Aurangzeb.

These monuments lie outside Ajmeri Gate of Shahjahanabad. They consist of a large enclosure of arcaded apartments with a gate on the east and a three domed mosque on the west, with an enclosure of perforated stone screens, both on the latter's north and south.

Ghazi-ud-Din Khan's grave is one of the three in the southern enclosure. Red sandstone has been used as facing veneer in most of the monuments.

Ghazi-ud-Din Khan was an influential courtier during the reigns of Aurangzeb and his son and ultimate successor Shah 'Alam I (1707-12). His son, Mir Qamar-ud-Din was appointed the governor of the Deccan by Muhammad Shah and became the founder of the dynasty of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

The arcaded apartments were used as a 'madrasa', which became first the Anglo-Arabic School and later the Anglo-Arabic College, and is now known as the Delhi College.

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