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Location: Mahrauli, New Delhi
Main Attraction: Venue Of Phulwalon-Ki-Sair

Jahah Mahal, DelhiConsisting of a rectangular courtyard in the centre and arched chambers on the sides, with an entrance from the east, this building, located on the north-east corner of Hauz-i-Shamsi, was built perhaps during the Lodi period and may have served as a pleasure-resort or pilgrims apartments.

A 'minhrab' in its western wall suggests that part of it was intended as a mosque for private use. There are several designs of squinches in its chambers. Its corners are surmounted by square chhatris, and the gateway by a domed pavilion ornamented with blue tiles.

At present, the main function of Phulwalon-ki-Sair is held here. It may have acquired the name of Jahaz-Mahal, from its appearance like a 'jahaz' (ship) by the side of a vast

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