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Location: Malviya Nagar, Southeast From Delhi-Mehrauli Road
Also Known As: Lal Gumbad Or Rakabwala Gumbad
Built In: 1397
Memorial Of: Shaikh Kabir-Ud-Din Auliya

Immediately before reaching Malaviya Nagar by the road forking southeast from Delhi-Mehrauli road, one sees on the south of the road Shaikh Kabiru'd-Din Auliya's tomb, also known as "Lal-Gumbad" or "Rakabwala Gumbad".

It consists of a square chamber with battered walls faced with red sandstone and the roof surmounted by a plastered conical dome, resembling thus Ghiyath-ud-Din Tughluq's tomb. Its entrance is on the east through a pointed arch, decorated with marble bands.

The iron rings on its western wall are believed to have been fixed for scaling up the walls by thieves, who are said to have removed its golden finial, from which it has acquired its popular name of Rakabwala Gumbad.

The tomb is believed to have been built in about 1397. Shaikh Kabir-ud-Din Auliya, who is buried here and was a disciple of Shaikh Raushan Chiragh-i-Delhi.

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