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Location: Below Northern Ridge, Mahatma Gandhi Road, New Delhi
Built By: Sir Thomas Metcalfe
Built In: 1835
Architecture: Indo-European Style

Metcalfe House, Delhi Below the Ridge and approached by the Mahatma Gandhi Road (old Metcalfe road) from its junction with the Alipur road, lies the Metcalfe house consisting of several apartments in early Indo-European style, built around 1835 by Sir Thomas Metcalfe, Resident at the Mughal court. He died in this house in 1853.

Later it was occupied by his son and successor, Sir Theophilus Metcalfe, who was born in Delhi and played an important role during the Mutiny. The Metcalfe house finds mention in several contemporary descriptions and diaries as a place of social parties.

The house was sold by Sir Theophilus Metcalfe and after changing hands several times, ultimately it came to the Government of India and now houses a Government office.

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