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Location: Kotla-Mubarakpur, New Delhi
Memorial Of: Mubarak Shah

Mubarak Shah's tomb lies in Kotla-Mubarakpur. Originally, an octagonal compound wall enclosed it, with two gates on the south and west. But its walls and northern gate have disappeared, leaving only the southern gate and the mosque on the west.

The main entrance to its octagonal chamber is from the south, with arched openings also on the other sides except on the west, which is occupied by a 'minhrab'. It is surrounded by a verandah, with three openings in each side. Sloping buttresses strengthen the corners. Travel Guide to Delhi - Mubarak Shah's Tomb

Its broad low dome rises from a sixteen-sided battlemented drum with a turret on each corner and is crowned by a lantern. Over the roof in the middle of each side stands a chhatri. The ceiling of the dome is ornamented with incised and coloured bands of plaster, with a triple band of Quranic inscriptions at the springing of the dome.

Mubarak Shah Sayyid, the second ruler of Sayyid dynasty, died in 1434, when the tomb is likely to have been built. With its wide proportions on the ground, low dome, buttresses and chhatris, the tomb looks a little stunted, but is a good example of octagonal Sayyid tombs, which retained their popularity in the Lodi and even Mughal times.

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