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Location: South of Ashoka's Pillar, New Delhi
Earlier Known As: Fatehgarh Or Jitgarh
Built In: 1863
Commemorated to: Soldiers Of The Delhi Field Force

Travel Guide to Delhi - Mutiny Memorial About 200m south of Ashoka's pillar, approached by another road, is the Mutiny Memorial, recently rechristened as Ajitgarh. An octagonal tapering tower of red sandstone rising from a two-tiered platform and provided with a staircase on the interior.

It occupies the site of Taylor's battery during the siege of Delhi in 1857, and was built in 1863 in the memory of the soldiers of the Delhi Field Force who were Killed during the Mutiny.

The names of different units, officers and the number of the British and Indian officers and ranks who were killed in the Mutiny are inscribed on different slabs around the tower.

Earlier it was known as 'Fatehgarh' or 'Jitgarh'. But in 1972 on the twenty-fifth anniversary of India's attainment of freedom, a new plaque has been fixed here and the site converted into a memorial for those martyrs who rose against colonial rule in 1857.

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