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Location: Opposite Safdarjung Airport, On Delhi-Mehrauli Road
Memorial Of: Najaf Khan's Tomb

Travel Guide to Delhi - Najaf Khans TombOpposite the Safdarjang Airport on the east of the Delhi-Mehrauli road is Najaf Khan's tomb, with walls of its large garden enclosure and a gateway on the east now in ruins.

The mausoleum stands in the centre of the enclosure and consists of a raised platform, the originally faced with red sandstone, with two inscribed marble cenotaphs on its top, one belonging to Najaf Khan, and the other to his daughter Fatima. The real graves are in one of the two chambers in the core of the platform. A newly laid garden now covers the enclosure.

Najaf Khan was related to the Safvi kings of Persia and came with his sister to the court of Muhammad Shah and later entered the service of Shah 'Alam III. He died in 1782 and his daughter earlier in 1820.

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