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Location: Paharganj, New Delhi
Built By: Feroze Shah Tughluq
Other Attractions: Majlis-Khana & Langar-Khana

Qadam-Sharif lies in Paharganj and may be reached either from the Qutub Road along the railway line or from the crossing of the Chitragupta and Originals roads.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Qadam SharifLegend Of Qudam Sharif
It is believed that Feroze Tughluq built the large square tomb here for his own use, but when his son prince Fath Khan died, he utilised it for interring the latter's remains.

The Tradition
According to tradition Feroze Shah's spiritual guide "Makhdum Jahanian Jahan Gasht" brought from Mecca at the emperor's order, a stone with the Prophet 's footprint ('qadam') and as Fath Khan died before his father, it was placed at his grave. The emperor later built a mosque and a school here and enclosed the tomb within high battlemented walls.

Adjacent to the tomb were later added several chambers, such as the 'Majlis-Khana' (assembly hall) and 'Langar-Khana' (feeding house). There are also several graves and tombs inside the enclosure.

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