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Location: Near Delhi Gate, Delhi
Commemorates: National Leaders Of India
Memorials Are: Raj Ghat, Shanti Van, Vijay Ghat, Shakti Sthal & Vir Bhumi

Some of Delhi's museums tell the story of the architects of modern, independent India, whose memorials are set in spacious gardens along the Yamuna river front- Mahatma Gandhi's at Rajghat, Jawaharlal Nehru's at Shanti Van, Indira Gandhi's at Shakti Sthal, Lal Bahadur Shastri's at Vijay Ghat and Rajiv Gandhi's at Vir Bhumi. A steady stream of visitors pay homage to the leaders at these memorials, which are all beautifully landscaped.

4-km away from Janpath to the northeast of Feroze Shah Kotla near Delhi Gate at Ring Road on the bank of Yamuna is situated Rajghat. Jawaharlal Nehru Road also ends opposite Rajghat. On 31st January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi's last rites were performed over here.

Raj Ghat, DelhiThe memorial stone of Gandhi is square in shape made of black stone. His last word- 'Hey Ram' is inscribed on it. Ordinary people, VIPs, foreign tourists all come at Rajghat to pay their homage to the Father of the Nation. On every Friday (the day of his death) a prayer is held. Except Monday, a regular feature of projecting Gandhi philosophy in picture, sculpture and photos from 10.00am to 5.00pm is performed at Rajghat.

Besides, there is Gandhi Memorial Museum projecting Mahatma's life and the philosophy of Sarvodaya Movement in film shown from 9-30am to 5-30pm except on Thursday and on Sunday at 6pm in Hindi and 7pm in English, 4 and 5pm in winters.

Another Gandhi Memorial is Gandhi Balidansthal or Assassinated Spot at Tis January Marg of the city. On 30th January 1948 on his way to prayer at Birla Bhawan, Gandhiji was assassinated by bullets.

To the north of Rajghat is Shanti Van. India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's last rites were performed over here on 27th May 1964. A tombstone has been erected on his funeral place. Next to Nehru's memorial lies the tomb of his grandson Sanjay Gandhi, who died in a plane crash in 1980.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Vijay Ghat VIJAY GHAT
This is the tomb of India's second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. After the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Shastriji went to Tashkant in Russia on a peace mission and died of a heart attack. In 1966 his last rites were performed over here.

This memorial is situated between Rajghat and Shanti Van, commemorating the death of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 and her last rites were performed over here on 3rd November 1984. The tomb on her funeral spot is made of grey-red monolithic stone.

It is founded in the memoriam of Rajiv Gandhi. He was assassinated at Perumbatoor, 40-km away from Chennai at 10.00pm on 21st May 1991. His last rites were performed on 24th May over here.

It was built in memoriam of 5th Prime Minister Charan Singh at a distance of Rajghat on the bank of Yamuna. The last rites of this leader were performed on 31st May 1987. Opposite Rajghat on Ring Road on the banks of Yamuna, Babu Jag Jivan Ram was cremated. A sculpture has been built there founded in memorium.

All five sculptures are built side by side and tourists may pay their visit over here. At its close, there is a park full of trees planted by world VIPs visiting India as state guest in different times since independence. It's a pleasant site for evening walks.

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