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Location: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Memorial Of: Ala-Ud-Din Shakarganj
Built In: 1507

Travel Guide to Delhi - Shaikh Ala-ud-Din's TombBetween Malviya Nagar and Chiragh-Delhi, not far from the road lies the square domed tomb of Shaikh 'Ala-ud-Din Shakarganj. He died in 1541-42, although he built his tomb earlier in 913 AH (1507), as seen from an inscription over its doorway.

The tomb-chamber rests on twelve columns, the space between them on the outside having been screened by perforated slabs. Its dome rises from a sixteen-sided drum. With incised and coloured plaster-medallions on the spandrels of arches, merlon designs on the parapets of the dome, considerable decorative effect has been achieved in this tomb.

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