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Location: Atul Grove Road, New Delhi

A narrow lane off Atul Grove Road (formerly Hailey Road) cutting across Kasturba Gandhi road (formerly Curzon road) and Sikandra Road, leads the visitor to Ugrasen's Baoli. Measuring 60m long north south and 15m wide at ground level, and built with rubble and dressed stones it is one of the finest baolis in Delhi.

Travel Guide to Delhi - Ugrasin ki BaoliA long flight of steps flanked by a thick wall with two series of arched niches, the lower ones deep and remaining partly under water, and the upper ones merely recessed from the surface, makes it an impressive sight. There is a circular well at the northern extremity, but between the flight of steps and the well is a covered landing with a terrace or platform at ground level. Between the flanking walls steps lead down to the water level.

Above the flight of steps on the west is a small mosque faced by three openings. With a 'whale-back' roof, but its undersides meeting at an angular apex, four pillared columns of red sandstone carved with chaitya-motif and stucco medallions in spandrels, it is a unique structure. The mosque is raised on a solid filling with underground dalans on the sides.

Perhaps parts of the entrance complex of the baoli have disappeared. The architectural features of the baoli bespeak a late Tughluq or Lodi age, although traditionally it is said to have been built by Raja Ugrasen, believed to be the progenitor of the Agrawal community. With its deep waters the baoli serves as a swimming pool in summer.

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