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Location: Tilak Bridge, On Mathura Road, New Delhi
Dedicated To: Abdu'n Nabi
Built In: 1575-76

'Abdu'n Nabi's mosque, about 400m north of the Tilak bridge, lies with its back on the Mathura road. It is a rubble-built structure consisting of a prayer-hall entered through three arched openings, the central apartment of which is provided with a dome. The cloisters on the sides of its courtyard have disappeared.

Originally, there was an inscription above the main arched bay of the prayer-hall, from which it is learnt that it was built by Shaikh 'Abdu'n Nabi in 983 AH (1575-76). The façade of the prayer-hall was originally decorated with coloured tiles, which have largely disappeared. The original features of the mosque have suffered during its recent renovation.

'Abdu'n Nabi held the post of 'Sadar', a kind of ecclesiastical registrar, in Akbar's reign and enjoyed his confidence. He was sent by the emperor to Mecca with money for distribution to the poor, but on his return he failed to account for the money and was put in prison and murdered in 1584-85.

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