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Location: Near Aurbindo Ashram, In Delhi Mehrauli Road
Built By: Khan-I-Jahan Junan Shah
Historical Significance: One Of The Seven Known Mosques Built By Khan-I-Jahan.
Architectural Style: Tughluq Architecture

A narrow road by the side of Aurobindo Ashram (Delhi Branch), 15-km from Delhi on the Delhi-Mehrauli Road, now known as Sri Aurobindo Road, leads to the village of Begampur. Within the village is the Begampuri-Masjid, one of the seven mosques reputed to have been built by Khan-i-Jahan Junan Shah, Feroze Shah Tughluq's prime minister. Begam Puri Masjid, Delhi

With a large courtyard, 94m by 88m, enclosed by arched cloisters on the sides and a three-aisle deep prayer-hall, the rubble-built structure of the mosque rises from a high plinth. Its corridors are pierced with gates on the north, south and east, with rows of windows on their either side, the last named gate functioning as the main entrance.

The façade of the prayer-hall is broken by twenty-four arched openings, the central one being the highest and flanked by tapering minarets in the Tughluq style The central compartment of the prayer-hall is surmounted by a large dome, while small low domes, characteristic of the Tughluq architecture, rise on the roof from the central aisle and from the corridors. At the rear the location of the minhrabs in the interior is indicated by five projections.

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