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Location: Near Nili Masjid, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi
Built In: 1404-05
Built By: Iqbal Khan Alias Mallu Khan

Idgah, DelhiNot far from the Nili-Masjid on its south are the remains of an Idgah, with a battlemented rubble wall on the west containing a series of eleven mihrabs and originally terminating on the southern and northern ends in a circular bastion, the latter now having disappeared. At the rear are three projections making the position of the 'minhrabs' on the interior.

An inscription on its southern bastion eulogises Iqbal Khan, popularly known as Mallu Khan, a powerful noble and virtually the ruler during Mahmud Tughluq's reign. It states that he built the mosque in 807 AH (1404-05), after the devastation wrought by Timur.

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