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Location: Mehrauli Bypass To Gurgaon
Built In: 1528-29
Houses: Tomb Of Jamali Kamali
Dedicated To: Shaikh Fazlu'llah Alias Jalal Khan

Jamali was the "Nom de Plume" of Shaikh Fazlu'llah, also known as Jalal Khan, a saint and poet who lived from Sikandar Lodi's reign to that of Humayun. The mosque associated with his name lies about 300m south of Balban's tomb and was commenced around 1528-29 during Babur's reign and completed during that of Humayun.

His tomb, lying adjacent, was built also perhaps around 1528-29, before his death in 1535-36. Since there are two graves in the tomb, one believed to be that of Jamali, and the other that of Kamali, an unknown person, the monuments go under a 'double-barrelled' name.
Travel Guide to Delhi - Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb
The original gate to the mosque, still surviving, lies on the south. Its prayer-hall is pierced by five arches, inclining towards a four-centred form and ornamented with carved bands and medallions in the spandrels. The central arch, higher than the others, is more profusely decorated and flanked by fluted pilasters. The niches in the western wall are also decorated, the central and northern ones with Quranic inscriptions.

Two staircases at either end of the prayer-hall lead to a narrow gallery running right round the mosque on the second storey with three oriel windows at the rear, one on the south and a small window above the central arch. The rear corners are occupied by octagonal towers. Below the parapet in front are pendant lotus-buds. A single dome covers the central bay.

Architecturally this elegant mosque marks the transition from the Moth-Masjid to Sher Shah's mosque, with both of which it shares certain features.

The tomb of Jamali-Kamali lies immediately to the north of the mosque within an enclosure. Its small chamber is flat-roofed, and its ceiling and walls are highly ornamented with coloured tiles and patterns in incised and painted plaster, including inscribed verses composed by Jamali.

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