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Location: South East Corner Of The Village Of Palam, New Delhi
Built In : 1528-29
Built By: Ghazanfar
Historical Significance: The Only Surviving Building Of Babur's Reign In Delhi

At the south-east corner of the village of Palam, which is known for its Sanskrit inscription and which was visited by Ibn-Battuta, exists a small brick-built mosque, with small domed minarets on the four corners of its roof.

According to an inscription in mixed Arabic and Persian prose on the northern arch of its central compartment, it was built by one Ghazanfar in 935 AH (1528- 29) in the reign of Babur. It is thus, the only surviving building of Babur's reigns in Delhi and one of the few of his period in India. A second inscription in Persian verse on the mosque repeats the same subject matter with some minor variation.

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