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Location: Near Lotus Temple, New Delhi
Presiding Deity:Kalka Devi.
Also Known As: Kalika Or Kalka Devi
Main Festivity: Navratra

Travel Guide to Delhi - Kalkaji MandirSituated beyond the commercial complex of Nehru Place lies this temple dedicated to the goddess Kalka Devi. This domed twelve-sided Shakti Kalkaji temple, also known as Kalika or Kalka Devi lies on the same hill as the Baha'i temple. Its oldest section dates back to 1764 and additions were made in the mid-19th century, yet, most of the building is modern.

This popular Kali shrine is at the heart of a village and the Hindu worship of its 'Mahants' (important sadhus) makes a fascinating contrast with the brash new faith of the Baha'is. Thousands of pilgrims throng the temple, especially in October during the nine days of 'navratra', when a huge fair is held over here.

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