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Location: Delhi
Main Medium Of Transport: Railways And Roadways

Moving In And Around The City
Taxis/Autorickshaw: They are metered and tourist should ensure that the meter is flagged down before he starts. Rates of these vehicles change after sometime and new rate cards are available with all drivers. Extra charges are payable for baggage and vehicles engaged between 11pm at night to 5am in the morning. It is 20% extra for autos and 25% for taxis.No waiting charge is payable now. The luggage charges both for autos and taxis are - first luggage up to 20 kg free. Rs. 0.50 per luggage for every subsequent luggage weighing more than 5 kg is payable.

Public Transport: Ring Railway: A number of trains are run by Northern Railway and they originate and terminate at the Hazrat Nizammudin Railway station.

Delhi Transport Corporation: Runs a large fleet of buses operating in the entire city. Some of them on certain routes are available at all the railways stations and the Interstate Bus Terminals. The peak hours are from 7a.m. to 10p.m., with the frequency being slightly lower from 1p.m. to the afternoon. Night service buses are also available on selective routes and they are operated from the railway stations too. The timings are from 11p.m. to 5a.m and for confirmation of exact bus fare contact bus booth.

Rent A Car: There are several private operators, who offer this facility and if one has a valid driving license, there are several outlets, which provide self-driven cars too. Chauffeur driven cars are also available.

Sightseeing: Chauffeur driven cars can be hired or one can go on a conducted tour, which is the best way to see various places of interest in the least possible time. There are also private operators apart from the tours conducted by the India Tourism Development Corporation,Delhi Tourism Development Corporation and Delhi Transport Corporation.

Taxis: Each colony has a taxi stand. They stand out due to their colours - black and yellow. Though metered, these are always outdated. So do check the fare chart, which is with the driver before paying. The all-white taxis are not metered and have a flat rate based on hours.
A new concept recently introduced are the Radio Taxis known as "Dial-a-cab". They can be contacted on 1920. Charges are more than those of the normal taxis.

Auto Rickshaws: The most convenient and economical means of transport. They also have outdated meters so just follow the same rule as that with the taxis.

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