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Location: Loutulim, 10-km From Margao, Goa
Attractions: Natural Spring, Fisherman's Hut, Mansion of 'Dona Maria'
Natural Harmony: Longest Laterite Monolithic Sculpture

Ancestral Goa, Margao, Goa

Located at Laoulim, 10-km from Margao, ancestral Goa is a mock up village dating Back a century. Built in a verdant hillside, a guided trek takes one down the Goan memory lane. Amidst a variety of rare wild flowers and mushrooms, a variety of exquisite insects and mushrooms and birds are also sighted. A species of frog, now almost extinct, which was once a Goan delicacy, might also hop out along the trail.

The Hangout Places
This sprawling village has a natural spring, a fisherman's hut, marketplace, mansion of 'Dona Maria' and traditional Goan artisans at work. One can stop by the 'Traverena', the country liquor shop, warm up with a peg of Goan Feni distilled at the 'Bhatti' and play an ancient game of 'tabla' or sit on mud benches in the verandah of the farmers' house relishing roasted seeds and other Goan eats.

Food & Merriment
Local feasts and festivals are celebrated with traditionsl style and fervour.A visit to Ancestral Goa on any of the fest days, allows for a pure-experience of Goan customs and lifestyles. The Eat-out offers a menu full of traditional Goan Specialties. Local vegetables, fish and sweets are treats to be indulged in.

Other Attractions
And while one walks around one can also visit a national landmark, 'Natural Harmony' - the longest laterite monolithic sculpture that carved its way to fame in the Limca book of records. One can also boogey on a giant footstep, 'Big Foot' - Goa's largest designer dance floor. Fanking this is the handicrafts fair displaying local and folk arts. There is also a 'spice yard' nearby.

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