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Location: South Of St. Cajetan Church, Old Goa, Panjim, Goa
Completed In: 1542
Historical Significance: Known As The Principal Institution Of Jesuits

The College of St. Paul, once the principal institution of Jesuits in India for imparting knowledge on Christianity, was built over the ruins of a mosque south of St. Cajetan's church at Old Goa in 1542. However, it was abandoned during the outbreak of plague in 1570 and went into disuse.

The Government demolished this ruining structure in 1832 to carry materials for building construction in Panaji. What remains of the college that was completed in 1542 and of the collegiate church consecrated on 25 January 1543 is the façade in the shape of an arch with a niche at the top and a cross crowning it. The arch that led to the College as a gateway is built of laterite, flanked on either side by a basalt column of the Corinthian order on raised plinth, and supported by basalt pilasters of the Doric order.

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