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Location: Old Goa, Panjim, Goa
Architectural Style: Brahminical Architecture
Attractions: Magnificent Lofty Staircases

The Gate Of The Palace Of Adil Shah, Goa, Panjim, Goa

The Palace of Adil Shah at Old Goa was the most prominent building with magnificent lofty staircases. It was the residence of the Portuguese governors till 1695, and was afterwards used by them on festive occasions. It was deserted during the epidemic in the 18th century, was demolished in 1820 and the materials carried to Panjim for construction of houses.

Now only the gate remains which is architecturally purely Brahminical in style. Six steps in front of the gate lead to the raised platform on which the gate stands. It is made of basalt and consists of a horizontal lintel resting on pillars decorated with mouldings and having on the outer side fragmentary perforated screens.

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