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Location: Ponda, Goa
Built By: Ibrahim Adilshah Of Bijapur
Built In: 1560 AD
Main Attraction: A Huge Tank Embellished With Hammams On Four Sides.

Safa Shahouri Masjid, Ponda , Ponda, Goa

One important monument left behind in Goa by the Muslim rulers is the Safa Shahouri Masjid located at Ponda. Its greatness lies not in what is left of the one time prosperous religious complex, but its ruins, which vividly recapitulate the past glory.

The mosque was built by Ibrahim Adilshah of Bijapur in 1560 AD. The interesting part of the complex is the huge tank with Hammams dotting its four interior sides in Meharab design. The whole complex was destroyed by the Portuguese when they occupied this part of the state. The tank has since been repaired and restored by the archives.

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