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Location: Island Of Chorao, North Goa
Famous As: Bird Watchers' Paradise
Main Attractions: Coastal Birds, Flying Foxes, Jackals, & Crocodiles

Peacock, Goa

On the western tip to the island of Chorao along River Mandovi, mangrove swamps cover this bird-watchers' paradise aptly named after India's best-known ornithologist.

Open throughout the year, the sanctuary can be visited with the permission of the Chief Wild Life Warden, Forest Department, Junta House, Panaji. Apart from a rich variety of coastal birds, one may spot flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles.

How to get there, GoaHOW TO GET THERE

By Ferry: Visitors have cross over from Ribandar to Chorao by ferry or canoe and walk to the sanctuary.

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