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Location:35 Kms From Vadodara, Gujarat.
Famous For: Milk Cooperative.

The Exemplary Milk Revolution
Anand is situated 35 kms from Vadodara and is located in Kheda. One of the most successful examples of a cooperative venture in the country. The Anand milk cooperative has transformed the life of farmers in this region. It is well worth a visit.

The Anand milk co-operative has transformed the lives of over 60,000 families in the area. Anand is said to have been established by a 'Gosai' (cowherd) named 'Anandgar' during the 9th century.

The Kheda district co-operative Milk Producers' Union, the most unique co-operative unit of its kind, was established in 1946 AD. Today it covers an estimated area of 2,000 square miles.

Dakor: It is situated about 94 Kms. from both Vadodara and Ahmedabad . Dakor is a temple town sacred to Lord Krishna. His image, said to be the original from Dwarka, was brought here by a devotee and installed in the temple of Ranchodrai.

Champaner: It is situated 47 Kms. from Vadodara. The town of Champaner lies at the foot of Pavagadh Fort. The ruins of its mosques and palaces reflected in the lake are some of the most picturesque ones in India.

Pavagarh Fort in GujaratPavagadh Fort: The hill of Pavagadh rises from Champaner in three stages. The plateau at an altitude of 1471 feet is known as the Machi Haveli. Pavagadh is 49 kms from Vadodara, and is also known as the birthplace of Gujarat's famous musician, Baiju, who preceded Tansen.

Bharuch: It is situated 70 kms from Vadodara. It's an ancient town with a 2000-year old history. On a hilltop is a fort, which over looks the river Narmada.

Dhumakal: Sloth Bear sanctuary, which also houses the tiger and leopard.

The Old Fort: Built by Mohammad Tughlak in the 14th century, as a defence fortification against the Bhils.

The Textile Market: Surat's vast and active textile market testifies its importance in the textile trade even today.

Air: Various domestic airlines connecting Ahmedabad , Delhi , Mumbai, Daman, Pune.

Rail: Vadodara is on the Western Railways, Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad line.

Road: Stare transport buses and private luxury coaches connects various centres of Gujarat, Maharashtra , Delhi and Rajasthan . Vadodara is 112 kms from Ahmedabad and 420 kms from Bombay.

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