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Craft Of: Gujarat.
Main Items: Bedspreads, Cushion Covers.
Floor Spreads: Namdas, Durries.

Cushion Covers , GujaratAn important Gujarati art is hand painted cloth fashioned to make bedspreads, wall hangings, table cloths etc. in vibrant shades of red, black, maroon and ochre. The motifs used are mostly mythological. The 'namdas' or the floor spreads woven skillfully by the weavers are worth buying.

Pleasant embroidery consists of motifs in bright silk threads interspersed with micro mirrors. These 'aribharat' embroideries with geometrical or animal motifs make very good wall hangings, cushion covers, skirts, borders and belts.

Gujarat offers a wide range of furnishings from simple and elegant cushion covers to quilts and bedcovers in a wide range of styles. Quilts are another popular handicraft item. They come in a variety of styles from simple geometric designs to more complex patterns. Other utility items like woven and Kalamkari table covers, tablemats and block printed bed land table linen.

Totally felted, inlaid 'namdas' and woven 'durries' from Kachchh Kharal, a traditional floorspread from Kachchh, is woven entirely with camel and goat hair. The Sodha community makes 'Ari', embroidered wall hanging and decorative pieces of embroidery.

Mirror Work & Embroidery , Gujarat Dhurries, carpets, blankets and rugs are woven on primitive pitlooms in the villages of Kachchh. Weavers dexterously weave designs with their hands while the machine is worked by foot pedals. The result is gorgeous patterns and remarkable colours combinations. Durries can be made from wool, goat hair and cotton. Colourful quilts and camel comparison are also woven traditionally on pitlooms, shuttle looms and other handlooms. Handloom weaving is an important occupation in villages on the Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar Highway.

A typical market selling these things has come up at Law Garden in Ahmedabad. It is held in the evening and goes on till late night. Visitors throng this market in search of best buy.

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