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Location: Gujarat.
Main Centre:Sankheda, near Vadodara.
Unique Features: Lacquered Furniture, Minakari, Wood Carving.

Wooden Spice Box from Kachchh in GujaratThe lacquered furniture of Sankheda near Vadodara, another important handicraft industry has become synonymous with Southern Gujarat. The furniture and woodcrafts of Surat, Kachchh and Saurashtra are also popular. Wood is rounded with tools and painted with floral and abstract designs in bright shades of gold, silver, maroon, green, vermilion, and brown by using sticks dipped in a coloured mixture of dyes, powdered zinc, lac and resin. The artisans of Kachchh make wood take on beautiful designs and intricate filigreed appearance of lace. Lacquered furniture similar to that of Sankheda is also made in Mahuva near Bhavnagar, Surat and Kachchh.

Minakari furniture from Rajkot, now made by only of few families is as attractive as Sankheda furniture and includes low slung chairs, which can replace sitting cross leg on floors, Indian styles and sofa sets, chairs, centre tables and settees.

In textile centres like Jetpur, Kachchh and Pethapur village of Gandhinagar district, a good buy are old wooden blocks used for printing fabrics which can be joined into a table top, decorative screen or a partition or used as door knobs, ornamental pieces or paper weights.

Woodcarving is an ancient art of the state, which has attained a very high standard of technical skill. Some of the best examples of woodcarvings are found in temples and houses in many parts of Gujarat. The wood carvers produce life-like figures of animals, artistic objects of every-day use such as teapots, table lamps, stools and toys for children.

A wooden Dowry Box covered with an engraved and perforated Brass Sheet , GujaratExquisite woodcarvings can be observed in the temples, havelis and many houses in various parts of Gujarat. The major centres of wood carvings are Visnagar, Vadodara, Ahmedabad , Mahuva, and Bilimora. Sandalwood boxes from Surat are very popular.

Saurashtra and Sanked in the Vadodara district are also known for their lacquer work. Toys, stands, parts of bedstead, cradles, cradles, low chairs are some of the important items of lacquer work. Ivory is mostly used in inlay work and preparation of artistic bangles.

Mahuva in Bhavnagar district and Idar in Sabarkantha district are known for the manufacturing of wooden lacquer toys. Mahuva and Idar are famous for their lacquer toys. Sankheda in Baroda district is known for its lacquer work. The work is done on country-wood, which gives darker shades. The coating is done with fine lac

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